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Telephone calls

Here are some common phrases and sentences you can use when speaking on the telephone. The informal phrases are mostly for family and friends. The formal phrases are for business and official calls and for calls to important people.

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Answering the phone

• Hello. Michelle here. (caller unknown) (informal)
• Hi, John. How are you ? (informal)
• Hey, Sally. What's up ? (informal)
• Hello ? David speaking. (caller unknown)
• B&B's office. How can I help you ?
• Thank you for calling Business & Co. Tom speaking.

Introducing yourself

• Hey Richard. It's Sally calling. (informal)
• Hello, this is Michelle Wilkinson calling.
• Hi. It's John from B&B's office here. (informal)
• Hello. This is Alan calling from B&B.

Asking to speak with someone

• Hi, Is Sally there ? (informal)
• Can you put Michelle on ? (informal)
• May I speak to Rob David in the marketing department, please ?
• Good morning. Is Dr Mason available, please ?

Connecting someone

• Just a sec. I'll get him. (informal)
• One moment please. I'll see if he's available.
• Hold the line please. I'll put you through in a moment.
• Please hold while I put you through to the manager's office.

Making a request

• Could you please repeat that ?
• Would you mind spelling that for me ?
• Could you speak up a little, please ?
• Would you mind calling back in an hour ? I'm in a meeting just now.
• Please hold for just a minute. I have another call.

Taking a message

• Can I take a message ?
• Would you like to leave a message ?
• No, that's okay, I'll call him later. (informal)
• I'm sorry, but Sally's not here at the moment. Can I take a message ?
• She's busy right now. Would you like her to return your call ?

Leaving a message

• Can I leave a message ?
• Would you mind giving her a message ?
• Could you tell her John called ?
• Could you ask him to call Sam when he gets in ?
• Thanks. It's James and my number is 555 8733.

Ending a conversation

• Thanks for calling. Bye for now.
• I have to let you go now.
• I have another call coming through. I'd better run.
• I'm afraid that's my other line.
• I'll talk to you again soon. Bye.

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