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South Korean Women's Strike

In the face of the country's decline in population, South Korean women challenge the notion of women's bodies as birthing vessels.

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In South Korea, women are taking to the streets to protest against the widespread use of "baby making machines," a term used to describe the invasive and often painful procedures used to extract eggs for fertility treatments. These procedures are often performed on young women without their fully informed consent, leading to physical and emotional harm.

The protests, organized by women's rights groups, are calling for the government to regulate the fertility industry and to ensure that all women have access to safe and respectful fertility treatments. They also demand an end to the exploitation of women's bodies for profit and an end to the stigma and discrimination faced by those who struggle with infertility.

The protests come amid growing concerns about South Korea's low birth rate and declining population, which has led the government to encourage women to have more children. However, these efforts have not addressed the root causes of infertility, such as the country's long working hours and lack of support for working parents.

The women's protests in South Korea are a powerful call to action, highlighting the need for a more holistic and equitable approach to addressing the country's population challenges. The era of viewing women's bodies as mere vessels for producing children must come to an end, and a new era of respecting and empowering women must begin.

Source: NY Times

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