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Solar Car Race in Australia

The World Solar Challenge is a global competition where student and engineer teams race solar cars from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia, aiming to demonstrate solar power's viability, with the Belgian team Innoptus winning the 2019 edition.

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The World Solar Challenge is a competition where teams of students and engineers globally design and race solar cars 3,000 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. The event has three categories: Challenger, Cruiser, and Adventure. It originated in 1982, aiming to showcase solar power as an alternative to fuel. The teams focus on solar panel integration for electric power. The teams have made significant advancements over 36 years. The Cruiser class cars were evaluated as everyday vehicles by the CSIRO. The race concluded in Adelaide, with the Belgian team, Innoptus, winning in 2019 and 2023.


• A ride (noun): slang for car

• To build from scratch: to start building something from zero.

• Mind-melting heat: very intense heat that is so overwhelming it seems to affect one's thoughts, causing significant discomfort or distress due to its intensity.

• Within: a location, environment, or time inside particular limits, boundaries, or a specific period.

• Keen: Having a strong or enthusiastic interest in something.

• Ground-breaking work: Innovative or pioneering efforts that introduce new methods, ideas, or approaches, typically contributing to significant advancements or progress in a particular field.

• Pushing boundaries: challenging existing limits or going beyond what is considered conventional or established.

Source: Behind the News YouTube Channel.

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