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Six-year-old's morning routine goes viral

Viewers are captivated by this little boy's discipline.

lundi 5 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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Ayaan, a young boy, has a unique morning routine. He wakes up earlier than his siblings to have a moment of calm before starting his day. Ayaan enjoys his lemon and honey tea during this time. His mom posted a video of him, which went viral and received millions of views. People were impressed by his calm and healthy habits, with some even asking if he could be their life coach.

Ayaan's parents attribute his routine to their early introduction of reading and affirmations. They read to him every night, fostering his love for books. Ayaan also repeats affirmations like "I am smart, I am blessed, I can do anything," which has become a source of confidence and motivation for him.

The text emphasizes the importance of giving children space and time for quiet activities, underestimating their capabilities, and setting high expectations. Ayaan aspires to become a scientist and already has his own scientist club at school.


• Viral: Something, such as a video, that quickly spreads and becomes popular on the internet.

• Affirmations: Positive statements or declarations used to encourage oneself or increase self-confidence.

• Manifesting: The act of making something evident or apparent.

• Maturity: The quality of being fully developed, grown, or mature.

• Underestimate: To underestimate means to undervalue someone or something.

• Expectations: Beliefs or assumptions about what will happen or what someone should achieve.

Source: TODAY

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