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Six Tips For Your CV

Six great ideas to create and edit your CV.

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1. Keep it simple
2. Tailor your CV
3. Use relevant information
4. Don't include your gender, nationality, marital status, date of birth or a photo (unless asked to)
5. Spelling and grammar mistakes must be avoided
6. If your emailing your CV, make sure ta save it in your own name


Crucial: Extremely important or necessary.

To Emphasize: To give special importance or attention to something.

Relevant: Closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.

Achievements: Accomplishments or successes gained through effort and skill.

To Proofread: To read and correct mistakes in a written or printed document.

To Boost: To increase or improve something, often making it more successful or effective.

To Apply: To make an official request or submit an application, typically for a job or position.

To Tailor: To customize or adapt something to suit a specific purpose, situation, or individual.

To Catch your blunders: (idiomatic expression) To identify and correct your mistakes or errors.

Skills: Abilities or expertise in a particular area, gained through training, experience, or practice.

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