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Should solo travellers give up their seats for families?

Should solo travellers give up their seats for families?

lundi 31 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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The video discusses a scenario where a woman is asked to switch seats on an airplane to accommodate a mother with two older kids. The woman declines the offer as she needs rest and has a presentation to give. The debate centers around whether it's fair to ask someone to give up a more comfortable seat for a less desirable one. Various opinions are shared on this topic.


• Scenario - A sequence of events or a situation that may occur in the future, often used to plan or predict possible outcomes.

• Declined - Refused or rejected an offer, invitation, or request.

• Desperately - In a manner showing great urgency, intense need, or a strong desire to achieve something.

• Presentation - The act of giving or showing something to an audience, usually in a formal or organized manner.

• Thrilled - Experiencing a strong feeling of excitement, joy, or pleasure.

• Level up - To advance or improve to a higher level, often in terms of skills, knowledge, or achievements.

• Red eye - A flight that takes place overnight, usually with a late departure and an early morning arrival.

• Bulkhead - The partition or wall dividing different sections or cabins within an airplane.

• Accommodate - To provide suitable arrangements or facilities to meet the needs or preferences of someone.

• Undesirable - Not wanted or considered unfavorable; something that is not preferred or appreciated.

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