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What Prince Harry's new book could mean for the royal family

jeudi 12 janv., Il y a 12 mois
 5 min

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Copies of Prince Harry's memoir “Spare” have been leaked, revealing details about his past and relationships with the royal family. Roya Nikkhah, royal editor for The Sunday Times and CBS News contributor, joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss Prince Harry speaking out and the latest on the royals.


• Unburdened
She felt unburdened after she admitted to eating all of her brother's chocolate.

• Sees
He sees four birds flying in the distance

• Glean
She gleaned the data from various studies.

• Unpick
I was able to unpick the stapling, photocopy it, put it together again and give it back.

• Keen
He's a very keen student and works very hard.

• Rough
He trimmed the rough edge of the paper.

• Undervalued
He specialises in making investments in small, undervalued companies.

• Excruciating
I have an excruciating headache.

• Stumbling
She was stumbling through life in a fog.

• Consistently
We have argued consistently for a change in the law.

• Leaks
Someone leaked the story to the press.

• Queen
The queen shook hands with each player after the game.

Source: CBS News

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