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Reading - simple present : My neighbourhood

Read a text about a pleasant neighbourhood and practice using the simple present tense.

jeudi 4 ao�t, Il y a 17 mois
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My Neighbourhood is located in the suburbs of a big city.

I'm an accountant and I work in the city centre.

Usually, I get the bus into work, but in the spring, I ride my bike into work.

I like my neighbourhood because it is peaceful and quiet yet close to the city centre.

It is a newly built neighbourhood with semi-detached houses and a few apartment blocks.

There are trees, bushes and flower beds all around.

There is also a playground for children.

Just around the corner, there is a small bakery where I like to buy fresh bread on my way home from work.

My neighbours are all very friendly, we have coffee mornings once a week.

There are no restaurants in my neighbourhood but I like to cook!

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