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Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs have some specific qualities, and in this video we will look at some of those qualities of entrepreneurs!

vendredi 12 nov., Il y a 27 mois
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What does it mean to be a successful entrepreneur? Is it being a born go-getter? Is it having an extroverted personality? Is it being charismatic enough to persuade customers?
While some entrepreneurs hold these traits, they rarely define the characteristics of every successful entrepreneur. Not everyone is born with a drive to change the world. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs today are people who you may have underestimated in high school or college.

A living example of this is Bill Gates, who famously said, “If I had a dollar for every time someone made fun of me in high school—oh, wait. I do!”

Anyone can become a successful entrepreneur. However, there are a few key personality traits that all (or almost all) successful entrepreneurs have in common.

Source: BGC Canada & Forbes

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