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Professional Email

How to Write a Perfect Professional Email

mardi 26 oct., Il y a 28 mois
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1- Write a clear subject line

First, place the most important words at the beginning:
• Request for more information
• Action needed: contract attached below
• Strategy meeting this Tuesday?
• Invitation to apply: Outreach Intern
• Event Coordinator Job Application
• Met at Networking Event: Resume Attached

2 - Start your formal email with a greeting

The greeting is the first line in the actual text of the email. If you can, make sure it’s always addressed to an actual person.
• Hello Ms. or Mr [Name], (informal)
• Hi [Name], (informal)
• Dear [Name]
• Greetings, (you don't have a name)
• Hello there, (you don't have a name)
• Dear [Company Name] Team, (you don't have a name)

3 - Write an opening line

The opening line sets the tone of the email, it's probably one of the hardest things to write in an email.
• I hope things in [...] are going well.
• I hope you have been enjoying the warm weather ...
• I hope you had a smooth trip back from ...
• I hope you’re surviving tax season !
• How are you ?

4 - Write the body of the formal email

• I’m reaching out because…
• As you may know, we are currently looking for ...
• Let me know what you think about my ideas/suggestions.
• Let me know when you would be available to meet next week.
• Please review the following attachments before our next meeting.
• Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
• Let me know if you need any clarification.
• Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need more time.

5 - How to end a formal email in English

• Best,
• Warm regards,
• Regards,
• Thank you
• Sincerely,
• Warmly,
• Kind regards,

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