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One of the Most Difficult Words to Translate

Which is the hardest word to translate in this sentence, "Do you know where the pep-rally is?"

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As simple as it seems, it’s often impossible to accurately translate the word 'you' without knowing a lot more about the situation where it’s being said.


• Smallest
“The smallest member of the group was the youngest child.

• Accurately
"She spoke accurately about the topic."

• Formality
"The formality of the event was very high.”

• Addressee
“The addressee of the letter was not clear.”

• Singular
“The singular form of the word is 'ratio'."

• Implied
"The meaning was implied, not explicitly stated.”

• Listener
“The listener was attentive to the speaker's every word.”

• Rude
“His words were rude and offensive.”

• Yourselves
“You should take care of yourselves.”

Source: TedED

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