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On the Plane - Safety Briefing

The following video is an example of airline pre-flight passenger safety briefings.

vendredi 19 nov., Il y a 27 mois
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Points to remember

- Always follow crew members instructions and comply with lighted signs and posted placards on the aircraft

- Do not smoke inside any part of the aircraft at any time and do not tamper with smoke detectors

- Ensure that your luggage is not blocking the aisle or an exit

- Your luggage may be stored under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker compartment

- Keep your seat belt fastened when the seat belt sign is on or while you are seated throughout the flight

- Before take-off and landing ensure that your:
• Seat belt is tightly fastened
• Tray table is folded away
• Seat back is in the upright position
• Armrest is down
• Luggage is appropriately stowed away
• Electronic devices are switched of
• Window blind is open

- Do not use your mobile phone in-flight unless the airline you are flying with allows mobile phones to be used in flight mode.

Source: youtube - Safety Video - Turkish Airlines

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