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Music for the Hearing Impaired

Can you enjoy music if you can't hear it?

lundi 20 f�vr., Il y a 10 mois
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The Mahler Chamber Orchestra in Berlin has been introducing classical music to deaf and hard-of-hearing children for the past eight years through the Feel the Music project. The children learn on their own terms using sensors other than sound, such as touch, vibration, and rhythm. The program culminates with the children conducting the orchestra. The project has been praised for breaking down barriers and offering children a new way to experience and appreciate music.


• Rehearsal: a practice or preparation for a public performance or event.

• Conductors: the person who directs an orchestra or other musical group.

• Hearing impairments: a partial or total inability to hear.

• Daunting: intimidating or discouraging.

• Berlin-based: located in Berlin.

• Breaking barriers: overcoming obstacles and limitations.

• Introducing: presenting or acquainting someone with something or someone for the first time.

• Workshops: a meeting or series of meetings for intensive training, discussion, or study on a particular subject or project.

• Vibrate: to move rhythmically and continuously back and forth or up and down.

• Percussion: musical instruments that are played by striking, shaking, or scraping, such as drums, cymbals, and tambourines.

• React: to respond to a stimulus, situation, or person in a particular way.

• Intensive: involving or requiring a great deal of effort or energy.

• Moved: deeply affected emotionally, typically with sadness or compassion.

• Assistive device: a product, equipment or software that helps people with disabilities or limitations in performing tasks.

• Applause: the expression of approval or admiration by clapping the hands together.

Source: Great Big Story

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