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Most Popular Drunk Foods Around the World

What are the most popular drunk foods around the world?

lundi 17 avril, Il y a 9 mois
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When people consume alcohol, they may crave food that is high in fat and carbs, often referred to as "drunk foods." Examples include pizza, burgers, and fries. These foods can help absorb alcohol and make a person feel full. However, they can also lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain if consumed frequently.


• Masses

• Skewer

• Cheese

• Curds

• Gravy

• Lime

• Deep-fried

• Batter

• Peppery

• Shrimp

• Stew

• Whipped

• Scallions

• Chives

• Butter

• Lamb

• Garlic

• Pork loin

• Flaky

• Pork belly

• Sausage

• Spiced

• Veggies

• Broth

• Dusted

• Patty

Source: Buzzfeed

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