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Meet the world's smallest wild dog

Going head-to-head with the heat of the Sahara Deserts is one of the world's smallest wild dogs.

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The Sahara Desert, which covers an area of 5.5 million square miles, is home to the world's smallest wild dog, the fennec fox.

Despite its small size, this tiny fox has adapted to survive in the unforgiving environment of the Sahara by using its small body to quickly shed heat and its ears as cooling units.

Despite its capable cooling system, the fennec still cannot endure the heat of the Saharan sun. To survive, the fennec must dig a burrow at the foot of the dunes where moisture concentrates, providing firm sand to dig in and shelter from the heat.

However, the fennec must leave its den to find food and faces danger from feral dogs and eagle owls. The fennec's camouflaged coat and the ability to zig-zag and jump using the dunes to mask its location help it evade danger, and its furry pads provide maximum traction to keep its whereabouts hidden.

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