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Qui suis-je ?

Mariana's Daily Routine

Watch Mariana go through her day.

lundi 20 mars, Il y a 9 mois
 5 min

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Mariana's day is a well-balanced routine of work, exercise, and leisure activities. From morning yoga to evening studies, she maintains a healthy and productive lifestyle.


• Wake up: to stop sleeping and become conscious

• Quick: happening or done without delay

• Shower: a brief period of washing the body with water

• Breakfast: the first meal of the day

• Avocado toast: a dish made by spreading mashed avocado on top of a slice of toasted bread

• Lunch: the midday meal

• Cafeteria: a place where people can buy and eat food

• Bicycle: a vehicle with two wheels that is propelled by pedals

• Fall asleep: to begin to sleep

• Midnight: twelve o'clock at night

Source: Habla Manana

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