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Qui suis-je ?

Likes and Dislikes

Learn to describe your likes and dislikes!

vendredi 1 juil., Il y a 19 mois
 5 min

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If you love something:
• I love cake!
• I adore you.
• She is mad about The Beatles.
• He is crazy about football.

If you like something a lot:
• I am fond of dogs.
• You like to swim very much.
• They really like that new toy.

If you like something:
• He quite likes watching movies.
• You like to cook.

If you neither like nor dislike something:
don’t mind doing the housework.
don’t really care about football

If you don’t like something:
• He doesn’t like cooking very much.
• She’s not very fond of playing the piano.
• You are not a great fan of baseball.
• I dislikeJohn.

If you really dislike something:
• Shedoesn’t likecats at all.
• They can’t stand rainy days.
• She can’t bear apples.
• He hates spiders.

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