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Kyoto Wants More Tourists

The Japanese city of Kyoto wants more tourists.Source: News in Levels.

mercredi 13 juil., Il y a 18 mois
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Kyoto is an old Japanese city. Many years ago, it was the capital of Japan. Tokyo became the capital in the 19th century.
1.45 million people live in the city. Every year, millions of tourists visit Kyoto. They want to see its old temples and gardens. They want to eat local food.

In 2019, 50 million tourists visited Kyoto and local people were not happy. Too many cars are in the streets. Too many tourists everywhere. Some tourists don’t follow the rules.

When the pandemic started, Japan closed to foreign tourists. Kyoto became quiet. Now, tourists can visit Japan again. Sadly, only 10% to 30% of tourists visit the country. And now, local people want more tourists to come to visit Kyoto.

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