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Is tourism killing Venice?

Mass tourism threatens traditional ways of life in the picturesque northern Italian city.

lundi 11 juil., Il y a 18 mois
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In recent years, there has been much concern about the condition of Venice as mass tourism jeopardizes the local ways of life and proves to be a source of pollution in the once idyllic city.

For many Venetians, living in the city has become an ordeal due to soaring real estate prices and the displacement of vital businesses by others that cater primarily to tourists. They are often forced to live in cramped quarters with others so as to be able to afford the exorbitant cost of life in the city.

Gargantuan cruise ships have become the symbol of this detrimental trend as they are downright incongrous in the fragile Venetian landscape. The Disneyfication of their hometown is a source of anguish and woe to locals who organize protests every year in the hopes of moderating unbridled tourist activity.

The Italian government has introduced several laws in an effort to clampdown on disrespectful behaviour by tourists. As Venice relies on tourism, a potential solution to this catch-22 could involve a cap on the number of visitors every year.

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