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Is Finland the happiest country?

The video explores Finland's ranking as the happiest place on Earth according to the United Nations' 2018 World Happiness Report.

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Despite the title, some Finns find it hard to understand why their country is considered the happiest. The video mentions that Finns are quite serious and enjoy spending time alone. While they may not appear exuberantly happy, Finnish researcher Frank Martella explains that their high life satisfaction results from factors like wealth, social network system, and trust in institutions.

The video also discusses Finland's dark and demoralizing weather, which leads Finns to engage in happy summer activities even during the gloomy months. The host concludes that Finland's people might not be particularly happy, but they are content.

Martella suggests using separate words for positive emotions, life satisfaction, and meaningfulness instead of lumping them all under "happiness."


• Drenched - wet thoroughly; soak.

• Demoralizing - cause (someone) to lose confidence or hope.

• Sullen -bad-tempered and sulky.

Source: Vice News

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