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Inside The World's Best Airport

Take a peek into the world's best airport.

mardi 4 avril, Il y a 9 mois
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Singapore's Changi airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, with state-of-the-art facilities, including a rooftop swimming pool, movie theaters, and gardens. It has won the title of "World's Best Airport" for eight consecutive years.


• snagged - obtained or achieved (verb)

• title - a name or label given to something (noun)

• tightening - making something more secure or fixed in place (verb)

• grip - a firm hold on something (noun)

• hub - the central point of an activity or network (noun)

• glass - a transparent or translucent material (noun)

• steel - a hard and strong metallic material (noun)

• dome - a rounded vault forming the roof of a building or structure (noun)

• multi-screen - having multiple screens or displays (adjective)

• full-size - being the normal or standard size (adjective)

• cascading - falling or flowing in a series of stages or levels (adjective)

• funnel - a cone-shaped utensil used to channel liquid or powder into a small opening (noun)

• waterfall - a cascade of falling water (noun)

• indoor - situated, conducted, or used within a building or shelter (adjective)

• harvested - collected or gathered (verb)• recirculated - to circulate again (verb)

• canvas - a surface used for painting or drawing (noun)

• surrounding - encircling or encompassing (adjective)

• forest - a large area covered with trees and undergrowth (noun)

• capture - to capture the essence or spirit of something (verb)

• theme - a subject or topic that runs throughout a piece of work (noun)

• tiered - arranged in layers or tiers (adjective)

• walking trails - a path or track used for walking (noun)

• suggests - to propose or recommend something (verb)

• allowing - giving permission or authorization (verb)

• crowds - a large group of people gathered closely together (noun)

• sky train - a type of automated train or people mover used in transportation systems (noun)

• counters - a flat surface used for transactions or counting (noun)

• canopy - a covering or structure used for shade or protection from the sun or light

Source: Business Insider

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