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Idioms That Just Don't Make Sense!

The video delves into the eccentric world of idioms, expressing both amusement and frustration. The speaker questions the origins and logic behind common idioms

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The speaker expresses frustration with idioms, describing them as groups of words whose meaning is not deducible from individual words. Using the example of ''raining cats and dogs'', the speaker questions the choice of a morbid metaphor and suggests alternatives like rocks or barrels. Despite acknowledging the expressive nature of idioms, the speaker finds some origins nonsensical, such as "turn a blind eye." The speaker questions the need to turn an eye if one is already blind, finding it redundant. The discussion also touches on the concept of turning a blind eye to ignore inconvenient truths. The speaker concludes with humor, proposing the phrase "turn an eye blind" as more logical.


• Idioms: Groups of words with non-deducible meanings.
• Metaphor: A figure of speech comparing unrelated things.
• Blackmail: Coercion using threats or information disclosure.
• Redundant: Unnecessary or superfluous.
• Acknowledge: Recognize or accept the existence of something.
• Grounded: Restricted from certain activities as a punishment.
• Pretend: Act as if something is true when it is not.

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