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Hygge: The Danish secret to happiness

Denmark is consistently ranked first in the UN's Happiness Report. What is the Danish secret to happiness?

lundi 1 ao�t, Il y a 18 mois
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For a while now, the world has been obsessed with the Danish wonder of Hygge.

In 2016, it was Oxford dictionary's word of the year. Loosely translated, it means cozy contentment and is an important part of the Danish worldview.

In keeping with Denmark's weather, Hygge is all about hunkering down with scented candles, blazing fires, woollen socks, fuzzy slippers, reading nooks, hot tea and good company.

It is also about mindfulness and finding pleasure in the little things, a quality that is innate to the Danish way of life and one that people the world over could consider adopting for a happier existence.

Source : Vice News

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