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How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

What if we told you that your next employer is taking a long hard look at all of your social media accounts, and using it to pass judgment on your ability to do a job?

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70 percent of employers use social media to evaluate candidates before hiring them.
In fact, 3 in 10 employers have someone whose sole job it is to get the scoop on your online persona.

So what are they looking for exactly?
It turns out that employers search for a few key indicators that a candidate is hirable when doing some digging online.
• Information about their qualifications for the job
• A professional online persona or resume
• What other people are posting about the candidates
• Any reason not to hire a candidate at all

More than half of employers report finding content on social media that caused them to not hire a candidate.
Here are some social media dont's:
• Do not be controversial
• Do not get too personal
• Do not post the same thing on every platform; the content you post on each one should reflect the purpose of the channel

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