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How to tell someone you're happy for them

If someone tells you that something nice has happened, you might want to say that you are happy for them.Here are some phrases to help you.

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If someone has good news, they might say:

- I passed my exams
- The doctor said that I'm okay
- I'm engaged!
- I'm pregnant!
- We're spending our summer in America.

You might reply:

- Congratulations!
- I'm so glad!
- Oh, how lovely!
- Wow, that's amazing!
- That's fantastic!
- That's great!

You could also say:

- I'm so pleased for you!
- What wonderful news!
- I'm so happy for you!

You could use an idiom and say:

- I'm over the moon for you!
- I'm pleased as punch for you!

If you want to continue the conversation, you could say:

- You must be really happy.
- You must be so proud of yourself
- Is your boyfriend pleased about the news?
- Are you excited?
- Are you looking forward to it?

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