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How to reduce stress and anxiety before presentations

Do you feel an inordinate amount of stress before presentations? Here's how you can manage it better!

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The video offers six suggestions to handle stress before a presentation. It advises visualizing the speaking room setup, getting adequate sleep, sticking to regular meals and exercises, and using physical techniques like yawning to relax facial muscles.

Coping strategies for a dry mouth include thinking about lemons or lightly biting the tongue/cheek to induce salivation. Arriving early helps check the setup and engage with the audience, reducing personal spotlight anxiety. Additionally, the video encourages positive thinking and avoiding negative thoughts or individuals.

Lastly, it promotes a medical presentation essentials course and a free trial for further learning opportunities.


• Induce: To bring about or cause something to happen.

• Coping: Dealing effectively with something difficult.

• Affirming: Stating or confirming positively.

• Clinician: A healthcare professional, especially a doctor.

Source: Medmastery

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