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How to give a speech

About to make a speech? Here are seven tips for improving public speaking.

lundi 27 nov., Il y a 2 semaines
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The video discusses seven essential tips for successful public speaking. It emphasizes the importance of connection over perfection, encouraging speakers to practice for confidence but focus on establishing a genuine connection with the audience. Structuring the speech is crucial for engagement, with clear key points, supporting evidence, and a memorable conclusion. Repetition is highlighted as a tool to leave a lasting impression, while the use of transitions, including moments of silence, captures attention and creates anticipation. Humanizing oneself by being honest and relatable builds trust and engagement. The speaker advises being adaptable, acknowledging that not everything will go as expected. Learning from mistakes and embracing growth is essential for continuous improvement in public speaking.

• Practice (verb): To repeat an activity to improve skills.
• Structure (noun): The way something is organized or arranged.
• Repeat (verb): To say or do something again.
• Transition (noun): The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
• Humanize (verb): To make something or someone seem more human or relatable.
• Accept (verb): To agree to take something or agree to do something.
• Study (verb): To learn about a subject, usually by reading and doing research.
• Mistake (noun): An action or decision that is wrong or produces a result that is not correct.
• Growth (noun): The process of developing physically, mentally, or emotionally.
Source: Forbes

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