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How much do you need to feel rich?

How much money do we need to feel stable?

jeudi 13 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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The video discusses financial security and how people's perceived needs and desires relate to the current economy.

A survey reveals that US adults believe they need an average salary of $233,000 to feel financially secure and $483,000 to feel rich. Many attribute their lack of financial security to high inflation, worries about the current economy, insufficient income, excessive debt, and inadequate savings.

The survey encourages individuals to establish their own financial goals based on their specific circumstances. It suggests finding a better-paying job and accurately determining one's target salary by considering all forms of compensation.

While the survey's financial security threshold may seem high, the US labor market continues to show strength, with a significant increase in new jobs in June. However, wage growth in certain industries may be limited. Tomorrow's official jobs report is expected to show a decrease in the unemployment rate.

• Median earnings - the middle value of a range of earnings, dividing the data into two equal halves (Revenu médian)
• Labor market - the market in which employers search for employees and individuals search for jobs (Marché du travail)
Source: Linkedin

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