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Eat Your Greens! How to feed 10 billion people

As the global population soars, we need to eat and produce food in different ways to sustain humankind and protect the planet’s resources.

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The world could have as many as 10bn mouths to feed by 2050. That’s 3bn more than a decade ago – and the growing demand poses a major environmental question.
How do we produce enough calories to meet this need without expanding agriculture in ways that degrade the natural habitat and worsen the climate crisis ? One thing is clear: the way we grow and produce food will have to change.
Agriculture drives 80 per cent of global land-use change, which in turn threatens biodiversity. This pressure generates a vicious circle because it undermines the resilience of the global systems that agriculture depends on.

Change needs to happen. We need to:
- Shift diets away from resource-intensive meat and towards more sustainable, mainly plant-based foods
- Reduce the growth in demand for food by minimising waste.
- Increase the productivity of farming methods.
- Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture.
- We need to eat “fewer but better” calories.

The most effective way to do this is to scale up the consumption of plant-based proteins, and decrease the consumption of animal-based proteins.

Source: Financial Times

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