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Dwayne Johnson Reacts to Controversial Wax Figure in Paris

When The Rock Became A Pebble and Wax Figures Got Real!

vendredi 27 oct., Il y a 1 mois
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Rock (Noun) - A large, naturally occurring mass or boulder of solid mineral material, often used metaphorically in expressions like “Dwayne Johnson, known as 'The Rock.'”

Pebble (Noun) - A small, smooth, rounded stone, typically found on beaches or in riverbeds, much smaller than a rock.

Controversial (Adjective) - This word is used to describe something that causes disagreement or disputes, often due to differing opinions.

Unveiled (Verb) - It means to reveal or make something known for the first time, typically in a public or formal manner.

Platform (Noun) - In this context, it refers to a public stage or medium where someone can express their views or promote their cause.

Resemblance (Noun) - The similarity or likeness between two things, often used to describe how closely a wax figure resembles a real person.

Heritage (Noun) - Refers to a person's background, culture, or traditions passed down from their ancestors.

Spot-on (Adjective) - This informal term means “extremely accurate” or “precisely correct.”

Flexing (Verb) - In this context, it means to show off or display something with pride or confidence.

Impressing (Verb) - The act of making a positive impact or creating a favourable opinion, often related to admiration or respect.

Repost (Verb) - To share or publish someone else's content on social media, often with credit to the original creator.

Blown away (Idiomatic Expression) - This informal phrase means to be extremely impressed or astonished by something.

Chimed in (Phrasal Verb) - It means to join a conversation or discussion, often to express agreement or offer one's opinion, as in “Madame Tussauds chimed in on the drama.”

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