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De-escalating arguements

Some useful things to remember so that arguments don't get out of hand.

lundi 26 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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Disagreements in the workplace are common, but when they escalate into arguments, they can become problematic. The priority in such situations should be to de-escalate and prevent things from getting out of hand. The ivideo provides several strategies for handling arguments effectively.

First, it suggests taking a deep breath to calm down and think clearly. It emphasizes the importance of active listening and giving the other person your attention. Understanding their perspective and acknowledging their feelings before expressing your own point of view is crucial.

It advises against raising your voice or using insulting language and encourages maintaining a calm and professional demeanor. The video also highlights the significance of body language, suggesting avoiding sudden movements or aggressive gestures that may escalate the situation.

By practicing these de-escalation strategies, individuals can better manage conflicts in the workplace.


• Disagreements: Differences of opinion or conflicts.

• Arguments: Verbal conflicts or heated debates.

• De-escalate: Reduce or defuse the intensity of a situation.

• Breathe: Inhale and exhale air.

• Interrupt: Break the flow of speech by interjecting.

• Raise: Lift or elevate.

Source: GCFLife

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