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Controversy Around The Ranking of French Cuisine

Controversy around the ranking of French cuisine, ninth according to a study.

mercredi 4 janv., Il y a 12 mois
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The specialized site TasteAtlas placed France in ninth place for the “best cuisines from the world”, according to a study published on December 27, triggering a controversy on social networks.

If the rankings of Italy, first, and Greece, only arouse few comments, it is the place of the United States, eighth, tied with France, which reacted on social networks.

On Twitter, a user expressed his dissatisfaction : “France after the United States, did you lose your mind “, can we read. Another person said: “ What is American cuisine? Oily pizzas? Tasteless hot dogs? Burgers are good, but not enough to make the top 30? reports BFM TV.

According to the TasteAtlas website, mockery directed at American cuisine is unjustified. “ American cuisine is not just about burgers, Pepsi and Doritos “, he wrote, publishing a map of the culinary specialties of each American state.

After having suffered numerous criticisms concerning its methodology, the TasteAtlas site also reacted by explaining this ranking, based on ” the evaluation of these foods ” by “ the people “.

Source: UK Daily News & SynData

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