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Cheese Boats

Do you love cheese? Introducing: Georgian cheese boats, a 500-year-old tradition!

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Legend has it that sailors’ partners and wives used to make these boats filled with cheese for them! They broke the egg on top of the cheese to symbolize the sun for happy sailing.

The traditional dish originated in Adjaria, a mountain region of Georgia that lies on the coast of the Black Sea.

A Georgian family recently opened a restaurant in Brooklyn which serves over a dozen varieties of cheese boats on the menu.

The dough is stuffed with a combination of cheeses, including Sulguni, a Georgian cheese that takes over a day to make.The boat is then topped with a variety of ingredients, baked and topped again!

How to eat a cheese boat:

Step 1: Mix the toppings
Step 2: Rip off a piece of bread
Step 3: Scoop contents
Step 4: Have your mind blown!

Source: Insider

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