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Camels battle it out in Qatar beauty contest

While the FIFA world cup is in full swing in Qatar, camels from different Gulf countries are having a tournament of their own at the Qatar Camel Mzayen Club.

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The president of the club stated that, “The idea is similar to the soccer World Cup. We did a camel beauty World Cup. We have participants from across the Gulf Nations.”

They take part in various competitions in the Contest depending on their age and breed. “The characteristics to measure the beauty of a camel differs from one group to another.” He continued. “The black camels are judged according to the size of the body, the head, and the location of their ears. With the tan camel, we look for proportionality and the ears should be drooping. In addition, we look at how the mouth is curved.”

Whilst Camels compete for beauty, they also compete for milk production. Camels must be examined before they are allowed to compete in the competition. This is to uncover any foul play, or “cosmetic surgery” as owners have been known to user Botox, fillers, and even silicon implants to tip the judges' scales in their favour.

Winners are rewarded handsomely with cash prizes up to $275,000.

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