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Best Places to Travel in 2022

As the world is opening up again, where will your wunderlust take you?

jeudi 7 juil., Il y a 18 mois
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Best of Places to Travel in 2022

Now that coronavirus restrictions around the world are beginning to relax, it’s time to start thinking about travel again. On Thursday, National Geographic revealed its annual “Best of the World” list for 2022, showing off some of the best places to travel in the next year.

The list of 25 global destinations — which include locations such as Procida, Italy, and Caprivi Strip, Namibia — are split into five categories: Culture, Sustainability, Nature, Adventure and Family.

“Things we highlight include new trails, new experiences,” Stone said. “We definitely dig into conservation aspects and sustainability partly, because I think that in this time away from travel, people are reflecting on how they want to be a more responsible traveler in the future and what that might mean.

”To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, National Geographic’s list features 10 UNESCO-designated destinations including Hokkaido, Japan; Parque Nacional Yasuni, Ecuador; the island country of Palau; and Lycia, Turkey.

The list also features several U.S.-based destinations such as Atlanta, for its strong cultural identity and the Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, for its adventurous mountain trails that are accessible even to “average outdoors people,” Stone told Fox.

“With this time off from travel, people are going to be making much more conscientious choices about where they’re going,” Stone said. “And so we wanted to meet that with specific ideas about what is a unique, revealing and a safe destination for the year ahead.”

For more of National Geographic’s Best of the World list, visit the national geographic website.

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