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Avoid Using 'Very'

You can avoid using the word 'very' by using other words.

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Sometimes, people use the word "very" too much in their writing or speech to emphasize the intensity of something. However, this can make the writing or speech sound repetitive and lazy. Instead, it's better to use more specific and descriptive words to convey the same meaning.


• very beautiful = charming / gorgeous / stunning

• very interresting = captivating / fascinating

• very good = superb
The sunset is superb.

• very bad = awful
This fruit is awful.

• very hungry = ravenous
After walking all day, we were ravenous.

• very tired = exhausted
The marathon left her exhausted.

• very cold = freezing
It's freezing outside.

• very hot = scorching
The scorching sun made it impossible to stay outside for too long.

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