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Are Flying Cars The Future of Travel?

Flying cars may no longer be restricted to the Harry Potter world.

lundi 14 nov., Il y a 14 mois
 5 min

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Lilium is a German company that produces flying electric passenger drones. CNBC visits their testing site in Spain and examines why these vehicles, dubbed flying cars, could take off.


• Flight - the action or process of flying through the air.

• Sneak peek - a secret look.

• Slice - a thin, broad piece of food, such as bread, meat, or cake, cut from a larger portion.

• Hone - refine or perfect.

• Range - the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale.

• Shuttle - a form of transport that travels regularly between two places.

• Rattling - making a series of knocking sounds.

• Landing - bringing something, especially a vehicle, from higher altitudes to the ground or water.

• Vying - compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something.

• Tick - mark that an item in a list or text is correct or has been chosen, checked, or dealt with.

• Broad - covering a large number and wide scope.

• Handful - a quantity that fills the hand; a few or some.

Source: CNBC

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