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Adverbs of frequency

We use adverbs of frequency to say how often we do something.

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• We usually put the adverb before the verb.

- They always go to the cinema at the weekend.
- She usually eats breakfast at home.
- They sometimes watch TV in the evenings.
- He never goes to the dentist.

• If the verb is 'to be', we put the adverb after the verb like for example:

- They are usually at home at the weekend.
- He is never late for work!

• To ask a question, we use 'often' or 'how often'.

- Does he play basketball often?
- How often does he paly basketbell?

Adverbs of Frequency: How often ...

100% – Always – I always brush my teeth.
90% – Usually – I usually take the bus to go to work.
80% – Normally / Generally – I normaly eat at home.
70% – Often / Frequently – I often go to the restaurant.
50% – Sometimes – I sometimes go to the park.
30% – Occasionally – I occasionally eat junk food.
10% – Seldom – I seldom buy a book.
5% – Hardly ever / Rarely – I hardly ever eat meat!
0% – Never – I never go to the gym!

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