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Adverbial phrases of frequency

Review, revise, and explore your knowledge of adverbial phrases with this interactive reading lesson.

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Adverbial phrase's of frequency are groups of words which always go together.

They describe how often something happens. There are two types. Adverbs of definite frequencyand Adverbs of indefinite frequency.

Adverbs of definite frequency


Adverbial phrases of frequency describe how often something happens.

Every morning, every afternoon

every day – daily

every week – weekly

every month – monthly

every year – annualy/ yearly

all the time


Adverbs of frequency often go in present simple sentences.
You can find them at the end of sentences.
-I have toast for breakfast every day.
-We visit our grandparents twice a month.

Adverbs of indefinite frequency



always, constantly

usually, normally

frequently, regularly





rarely, infrequently

hardly ever




Adverbs of indefinite frequencymostly go in the middle position in the sentence.
They go before the main verb (except with the verb 'to be').
-We usually go the shops on Saturday.
-She is always late.

Occasionally, sometimes, often, frequently, and usuallycan also go at the beginning or the end of the sentence.
-Sometimesthe come and stay with us.
-I play tennis occassionally.

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