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A video conference call - In real life

Actors act out a video conference call and the possible problems that can happen in one.

jeudi 6 mai, Il y a 34 mois
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Today let's look at conference call English vocabulary, specifically at common English phrases and words you might find useful when attending a conference call – business meeting in English over the phone or Zoom/Microsoft Teams.

1) Introducing yourself on the call

- Hello, Sandra here.
- Hello, it's Sandra speaking.
- It's useful to say 'Hello' first as the first word is often lost. If you say your name first, other participants may miss your name.

2) Checking others are on the call

- Is Sandra on the line?
- Do we have Sandra on the call?
- Do we have Sandra yet?
- Are we waiting for anyone else?

3) Starting the call

- Welcome to the conference call…
- Is everyone ready to start?
- Shall we start?
- As you know, today we are discussing X…
- Did everyone receive the agenda? / Has everyone received the agenda?

4) Overcoming sound issues

- If you are not speaking, please put yourself on mute.
- Eric, I can hear background noises, please can you put yourself on mute when you are not talking?
- The sound quality is not good, please can everyone speak up?
- I can't hear Jane, can everyone else hear Jane?
- Sorry can you say that again, I can't hear you clearly?
- Sorry can you repeat that, the sound quality is poor?

5) Sharing your screen

- I'm sharing my screen, can everyone see it?
- I'm uploading the document now, can you see it?

6) Finishing the call

- So the agreed action points are X, Y, Z.
- Is there anything else to discuss?
- I'll confirm our discussion by email.
- Let's finish / close the call, thank you everyone.
- Thank you for your contribution/participation/ideas, let's speak again next week.
- We've run out of time so let's wrap up and close the call.

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