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A history of plastic

It's so hard to imagine a world without plastic but how did it all start?

lundi 11 d�c., Il y a 1 semaine
 5 min

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The video discusses the omnipresence of plastic in our daily lives, tracing its origins from the term "plasticos" in Greek, meaning easily shaped. Plastic, derived from crude oil and natural gas, was first used by the Olmecan people around 3500 years ago. Leo Bakalonde synthesized the first plastics from crude oil in 1907, leading to its mass production due to its versatility and durability. Over time, scientists modified plastic molecules, creating various types. However, despite its utility, plastic's non-biodegradable nature poses a severe environmental threat, causing pollution and harming marine life.


• Synthesized: Combined or created.

• Polymer: A substance made of long chains of repeating units.

• Omnipresence: Existing everywhere at the same time.

• Non-biodegradable: Unable to break down naturally.

• Durability: Ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.

Source: Fyral Studio

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