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A Day In The Life Of An Ancient Egyptian Doctor

What was it like for a female doctor in Egypt centuries ago?

lundi 22 mai, Il y a 7 mois
 5 min

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Take a peek into the day to day life of Peseshet, a doctor in ancient Memphis, Egypt. She checks her medical supplies, treats patients with various ailments, including a broken arm and scorpion sting, and teaches anatomy to her students. Peseshet encounters challenges in her profession, including gender barriers and incurable diseases. Despite the setbacks, she remains committed to her work, knowing that the annual flooding of the Nile will bring a new crop of patients in need of her expertise.


• Sweltering - extremely hot and uncomfortable.

• Nile - the longest river in the world, flowing through northeastern Africa.

• Supplies - necessary items or provisions.

• Honey - a sweet, viscous food substance produced by bees.

• Garlic - a pungent bulb used as a flavoring and seasoning in cooking.

• Cumin - an aromatic spice used in cooking.

• Cedar oil - an essential oil derived from cedarwood, used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

• Essentials - fundamental items or things necessary for something.

• Immobilizes - restricts the movement of something or someone.

• Intercept - to stop or interrupt the progress of something or someone.

• Incantation - a magical spell or chant.

• Commanding - showing authority or control.

• Success - the achievement of a desired aim or result.

• Urinate - to expel urine from the body.

• Barley - a cereal grain used as food and for brewing beer.

• Emmer - a type of wheat used as food.

• Predicts - foretells or indicates a future event.

• Pale - having a light color or complexion.

• Accosts - approaches and speaks to someone aggressively or insistently.

• Lump - a mass or piece of something, usually without a definite shape.

• Probes - investigates or explores.

• Growth - an abnormal mass of tissue in the body.

• Cool to the touch - having a low temperature.

• Unripe - not fully matured or developed.

• Ailments - physical or mental illnesses or conditions.

Source: Ted-Ed

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