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A Conference Call in Real Life

If in person meetings were like conference calls.

jeudi 6 mai, Il y a 34 mois
 5 min

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Executing a productive conference call isn't as easy as some may think. When people aren't physically present in a meeting, it's more tempting for them to get distracted or try to multi-task.

Studies have revealed many startlingways conference call attendees spend their time. Hint: it isn't taking notes. From catching up on lost sleep to writing emails and browsing social media, leading a telephonic meeting can feel a lot like herding cats.
Source: Youtube - A Conference Call in Real Life - Tripp and Tyler

But with today's mobile workforce, getting everyone in the same room isn't always possible. If you're not getting results from your conference calls, it's time to change your tactics. Keep your team on point and efficient with these proven call tips for a productive teleconference meeting.

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