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A Brief History of Alcohol

From Plums to Profits: A Brief History of Alcohol Production and Trade Across the Globe

mardi 21 f�vr., Il y a 10 mois
 7 min

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Overripe (adjective): “The overripe tomatoes were too soft to use for the salad.”

Plums (noun): “The sweet and juicy plums were perfect for making a homemade jam.”

Intoxicating (adjective): “The intoxicating scent of fresh flowers filled the room.”

Unwitting (adjective): “The unwitting victim had no idea that their personal information had been stolen.”

Ape (noun): “The gorilla is one of the largest apes and is native to Africa.”

Yeasts (noun): “The baker used yeasts to help the dough rise and become fluffy.”

Compound (noun): “The chemist mixed different compounds to create a new material for the experiment.”

Readily (adverb): “The software was readily available for download on the company's website.”

Basically (adverb): “Basically, the new law prohibits smoking in public places.”

Sin (noun): “The concept of sin is an important part of many religious traditions.”

Ban (noun): “The government imposed a ban on the import of certain products.”

By-products (noun): “The production of biodiesel produces glycerol as a by-product.”

Spoil (verb): “The spoiled food had to be thrown away because it was no longer safe to eat.”

Staple (noun): “Rice is a staple food in many countries around the world.”

Sailors (noun): “The sailors on the ship worked hard to keep it running smoothly.”

Traded (verb): “The ancient city was a hub for trade, with goods from all over the world being traded there.”

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