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3D Sidewalk Drawings

David Zinn is a street artist who has built a huge social following with his sidewalk drawings that play with people’s perceptions.

samedi 6 ao�t, Il y a 17 mois
 5 min

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His creative street art is made to look 3D and can trick your perception.

When he started painting 30 years ago, he did most of his work indoors.

One day, David had a strong urge to go and draw outside so he began drawing his interactive art on sidewalks.

He was desperately looking for an excuse to be outside on a nice day!He makes his art look like it is interacting with surroundings.

His sidewalk art has popped up all over the US.

He has also taken his designs to Taiwan and Sweden.

David is inspired by things that most other people miss.

He enjoys the childishness of his own art which he says allows him to reconnect with the supreme self-confidence he had as a child.

He likes the fact that his art can remain anonymous and that because it's sidewalk art, it is unpreservable and can't be sold.

Source: Art Insider

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